Our Why

Shifting the course of leadership

The power of a generation

Our nation is experiencing a crisis of leadership in every social sphere: business, government, family, education…
Generous leaders will change this.

Going straight to the root

A focus on relieving symptoms to a problem only provides short-term change. Long-term change comes from addressing the root cause. Leaders.

Generous leaders lead from a worldview shaped by empathy, humility, character and service. Their skills are magnified by this worldview. They are the ones who make history.

Big Ideas

Big Idea Project develops generous leaders

How we do it

We bring communities together under one vision: to develop our nation’s future leaders. Local businesses, professionals and neighbors invest in local students. Teachers leverage a deeper network of support and collaborative relationships to usher in new levels of innovation in the classroom.

Students become leaders through self-directed action that merges their passion and talents with their community’s needs. They become the employees we want to hire and citizens we need.

What is Generous Leadership®?

It is a paradigm, a way of viewing the world, that requires empathy and selflessness. Generous Leadership® is not a leadership style or theory. It is a way of being, thinking and feeling that is others-focused and others-motivated.

Generous Leadership is abundantly giving of yourself so others may be and do their best.

Experience what a Generous Leadership paradigm shift looks and sounds like during a team’s conclusion at a State competition.