Teaching Children How to Think: A Big Idea

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Guest Blog by Anson Thompson “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”  ― Margaret Mead I attended a gathering last night in Denver. It was held by a group called Colorado Thought Leaders Forum. I’ve attended a few events with this organization. Their tag is “We Value Productive Relationships, Not Transactions.” They network differently in Denver, CO. In …


How Can your Business Adopt a School?

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This morning, while sitting in a meeting with a Generous Leadership® company here in Denver who is interested in sponsoring Big Idea Project’s work, my friend told this story:  “While visiting the Bay Area of California, a colleague of mine was fortunate enough see the legendary Bono in concert. We all know how socially active Bono is with critical issues …


Business Leaders: Bearers of Hope to Students?

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If you walk into a typical high school and listen to what students are saying, you’ll hear complaints about ‘jumping through hoops’ and doing work that seems irrelevant. At their core, students are worried their education is not preparing them for their future. According to Gallup’s 2015 Student Poll on the level of hope in students today, more than 1 …


Alumni Profile: Megan Lacy

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“My greatest take away is the new mindset I have,” BIP Alumnus Megan Lacy said. “This project helped me realize how blessed I am and that every day is an opportunity to improve the lives of others and inspire others to do the same.”   Megan Lacy is a senior of Columbine High School and was a participant of the …

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Non-Profit Profile: Project Helping

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“I was fortunate to find volunteering, by accident, as a tremendous outlet for improving my own mental wellness,” Founder and CEO Justin Kruger said. “My experience volunteering and the improvement in my own mental wellness inspired me to start Project Helping.” Five years ago, Justin Kruger made a discovery. He learned it was possible to “improve mental wellness by designing and …

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Why We Need to Bridge the Gap

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Business working with the classroom is a key component to the model of Big Idea Project. Business leaders primarily work with the classroom through mentorship, where they have the opportunity to guide the students and help them develop useful skills for the future.   Part of what many students are missing when they graduate high school is the soft skills …

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EXPERIENCE Big Idea Project

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We’ve all been to a fundraiser event, stuck at a table, listening to people talk about their organization’s accomplishments and why you should invest in them. But what if you could do more than listen to a speaker? What if you could experience the personality and impact of the organization? What if you could enter into their mission? You can, …

Many Subjects, One Project: Perspective from a Sociology Teacher

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“Sociology is about society, culture, groups, teams, leadership, and most importantly to view things from a relative standpoint instead of a biased opinion,” said Andy Wold, Big Idea Project educator and sociology teacher at Legend High School said. “The biggest concept is to have the perspective of walking in another person’s shoes. This project does exactly that.”   “Big Idea …

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The Students’ Perspective: Seeing the World in a New Way

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“I have a different outlook now,” Burke Liden said. “It made me realize we could do a lot more than I thought before, that we had more power to do something.” Burke, a Big Idea Project student from Pomona High School isn’t alone. As students go through the Big Idea Project, many of them begin to see the world around …