Developing future leaders

Future leaders need you

The leadership gap has become a real issue and businesses can’t find employees who have the soft skills necessary for success. You can take an active role in changing these trends.

  • Work nose-to-nose with students

    Big Idea Project is one of the few programs where you can collaboratively engage with students in the classroom. Business professionals serve as mentors, advisors and encouragers.

  • Build bridges with education

    BIP empowers educators to build relationships with businesses. When those long-term relationships are forged, invitations for businesses to get involved in the classroom increase.

  • Provide real-world learning

    BIP students are planning, implementing and leading real projects. They may face challenge, failure, conflict and confusion. Your real-world experience is exactly what they need to overcome.

  • Inform student career goals

    Many students are oblivious to the many types of career options available to them. You can expose students to your line of work and the career path they would need to get there.

The impact you can have

The benefit of your involvement in BIP students’ lives is hard to measure. The best indicator is the type of projects they produce and the type of people they become. On presentation night, you will burst with pride as you watch your team, your school, ‘wow’ the audience.

“I was fortunate enough to be a judge at this past year’s state competition. While I expected to be impressed by the projects, I was completely shocked by the emotional impact the project and the students had on me personally. This program does more than teach project skills…it teaches young adults the true definition of being a generous leader.”Ron Dunlap, Graebel

When businesses get involved

More generous leaders unite

Corporate Sponsorship

Give generously, receive graciously. Provide the funds BIP needs to empower our nation’s young leaders.
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School Sponsorship

Only $2,500 sponsors the costs of a specific school and provides matching scholarship funds.
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Request to be a Mentor

If your business is not involved but you want to mentor, let us know and we’ll try to connect you to a teacher.
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