Corporate Sponsorship

We know you are finding it difficult to find the leaders and employees you need. There is a serious leadership gap, and it’s only going to get wider.

Generous Leadership is the answer. We are empowering, training and equipping your future workforce. Big Idea Project challenges how young leaders think and gives them the soft skills that are critical to their, and your, success.

These are your future employees and our nation’s future leaders. Will you help us?

“This project is a remarkable call to duty that literally has these students rolling up their sleeves, setting the popular ‘I’ aside and tackling complex humanitarian issues head-on. Through this project, students receive a great lesson in ethos, character and team-building that is not often available through simply gleaning the pages of a standard textbook.” Jonathan Lovette, Chick-fil-A

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship of BIP allows us to continue to provide the highest quality experience for educators and students.



  • Business Advisory Board position
  • Logo on website
  • Verbal mention at State event
  • Social media and press
  • VIP invitation to events
  • Advertise to alumni
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  • All Influencer benefits
  • Feature on BIP website
  • Presentation at State event
  • Judge at State
  • Featured sponsor for State event
  • Recognition at signature event
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Mobilizer: $50,000+

Companies who give at this highest level increase the capacity of Big Idea Project to mobilize an entire generation of generous leaders. They receive all the same benefits as a Catalyst in addition to marketing and press features, increased opportunities to participate in our State and signature event, promotion on classroom materials and more.

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Your Voice on the Business Advisory Board

All Corporate Sponsors or School Sponsors are offered a position on Big Idea Project’s Business Advisory Board. The Board exists as a key strategy in building bridges between business and education by gathering professionals together to leverage their personal and their organization’s experience working with Big Idea Project teachers and schools to inform BIP direction and programming. The board meets once a quarter for 2 hours. Part of each meeting includes an education opportunity to learn from education administrators, teachers, students, government officials and other experts.

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The impact of your sponsorship

Our students learn the professional skills, confident and perspective that we need in our future leaders, employees and citizens. Big Idea Project students are impressive. Your money goes to develop more leaders like Elyse.