School Sponsorship

Bridging business with education

School Sponsors invest in their community and their future by linking arms with a local BIP school so that they can empower students and support teachers.

$2,500 goes a long way

What your sponsorship provides

School sponsors offset the program costs of a BIP school while forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with teachers and students.

For just $2,500, a School Sponsor provides:

  • $1,000 matching scholarship funds for that school
  • Mentors during the program
  • A judge for the school’s presentation night
  • A presence in the classroom(s) through speaking
  • Possible real-world opportunities such as company tours

What you receive

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    Opportunities to give back

    Employees are looking for opportunities to give back. Supporting a school gives multiple opportunities through mentoring, judging, speaking, attending project events and rallying support around their presentation night.

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    BIP Business Advisory Board position

    The Business Advisory Board is for businesses who are invested in education through in-class work with students and teachers. They inform Big Idea Project’s activities and strategy so that students, teachers, schools, businesses and communities thrive.

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    Promotion at the school

    School sponsors’ logos are displayed in BIP classrooms for students to see. You also receive recognition at the school’s community presentation with a logo on slides, shout-out from the emcee and the chance to present the scholarship.

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    Recognition by BIP and association with Generous Leadership®

    Big Idea Project features all school sponsor’s on our website, in press releases (when able) and on social media. We allow sponsoring business the use of BIP’s logo and trademark too.

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    Access to promote brand to alumni

    BIP alumni are some of the sharpest students out there. As a sponsor, you have the chance to advertise internships and jobs to our amazing students.

Become a 2016 School Sponsor

We still have schools for January 2016 who are not sponsored. Will you help?

Contact BIP

School Sponsorship FAQs

The cost is only $2,500 to sponsor one Big Idea Project school.
$1,000 of the sponsorship go toward a matching scholarship fund as incentive for teachers to raise the remaining $1,000 for their optional school scholarship. The remaining $1,500 covers additional program expenses such as teacher support, State competition, alumni programming for students and much more. See our School Sponsor write-up for more information.
For the complete list of benefits, see our School Sponsor write-up.
The BIP Business Advisory Board is made up of individuals from companies who are School Sponsors or Corporate Sponsors. The Board exists as a key strategy in building bridges between business and education by gathering professionals together to leverage their personal and their organization’s experience working with Big Idea Project teachers and schools to inform BIP direction and programming. The board meets once a quarter for 2 hours. Part of each meeting includes an education opportunity to learn from education administrators, teachers, students, government officials and other experts.