Real-world skills and experience

You want to make sure your child is prepared for their future with job-ready skills and life-changing opportunities. The Big Idea Project, and our ongoing alumni network, provide all of this and more.

  • Job-relevant skills

    The number of job-seekers with essential soft skills is dropping. Our students learn problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, project planning, initiative, public speaking, video production and much more.

  • Generous Leadership®

    True leadership is more than a set of skills. Through BIP, students learn to see the world through the eyes of a generous leader and learn the skills to solve problems and initiate real community impact.

  • Resiliency

    Big Idea Project is challenging. Challenge and road blocks build character, give students the chance to choose their attitude, own their vision and fight for what they believe in.

  • Results for Colleges

    Big Idea Project requires that students implement ideas and get results. Their results (chronicled in a storytelling video) are the proof colleges and future employers need.

“As a parent of a Big Idea Project student, it’s exciting to see how you are inspiring a generation of public-spirited leaders focused on giving back to others. I watched my own daughter as she broadened her social conscience, set goals, worked as a team member, took initiative and stretched her comfort zone. As a result, she discovered that she has the power to make a difference in her world.”Linda, Parent

What does a project look like?

Big Idea Project gives students the space to connect their passion with their learning. They choose their project topic and then they create meaningful work that makes a positive impact on others. Here’s a sample of the work they do.

Parent FAQs

Your teacher is certified and trained to implement Big Idea Project in any class. If they chose to integrate the project into your student’s curriculum, you are fortunate and have an opportunity others wish they had.

Big Idea Project is a service learning project that encourages students not just to ‘volunteer’ but to lead deeper impact that connects to their own passions and purpose. They get to be a part of something bigger than just their class and school. You will probably find that as the project progresses, your student will be excited and motivated by doing meaningful work that empowers them to unlock potential they didn’t know they had.

Projects are completely student created and student-led. Teachers provide all the resources teams need. The project may seem daunting at first, but students rise to the challenge and point back to their work was the pinnacle moment of their high school experience.

The time commitment varies by students and teams. Teachers often give students many opportunities to work on their projects in class.

Big Idea Project is implemented by certified teachers in the classroom. If your school does not offer Big Idea Project, talk to your principal or favorite teacher. You can direct them to us and we’ll take care of the rest.
Currently Big Idea Project is free for students in participating schools.
All Big Idea Project students are given the exclusive privilege of joining the BIP Alumni Circle. As an alumni, your student will receive access to ongoing professional experiences, skills training, networking, collaboration with other alumni, events, service opportunities and much more! The BIP Alumni Circle continues the personal and professional development work that was begun through the project.
We ask parents to sign a Student Participation Agreement for their student to fully participate. This agreement allows us to use their child’s video and pictures from their project. If a student completes their project’s video and presents at a competition, and then doesn’t have a completed Agreement signed, we cannot allow the student’s team to compete at State because Big Idea Project would be unable to show the actual work that is being judged to our public.

We ask parents to provide personal contact information for their students only so that we can offer them the opportunities afforded to BIP alumni such as professional training, seminars, networking with business leaders and opportunities for college and job readiness. Providing this personal contact information is optional, though strongly encouraged for their future success.

Student videos and pictures are used for program and marketing purposes for Big Idea Project only. They serve as our proof to the public of the good work students are doing in our schools and communities.

If parents opt to not fill out the Student Participation Agreement, their student cannot be in their team’s video and could disqualify their entire team from competition for any scholarship (at the local and State level) if any footage contains their likeness.

To compete at State, your student will need to win their school’s competition. All State teams must follow the Standards to Compete as well as notify BIP of their participation in the State event.
Scholarships are optional for schools to raise at the local level competition while the scholarship for the State competition is provided by BIP. Upon graduation, BIP will send letters to all scholarship recipients. Graduates have 18 months after graduation to claim their scholarship by contacting BIP and providing the mailing address for the financial services department at their college.

You can do something

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If you want your child to participate in Big Idea Project, a teacher needs to sign up.
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