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What if…

Every student received the opportunity in school to become their best self and confidently engage in meaningful work that makes us all better?

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The problem

Typical education is standards-centered. Students learn to check boxes rather than step into meaningful work that builds their character and their skillsets.

Why We Exist


Our solution

Big Idea Project provides a student-centered approach that connects the head and the heart through experiential learning, resulting in personal development that goes beyond knowledge.

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Experiential Learning = Personal Transformation

This is what transformation looks like:

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Workforce Readiness

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Life Skills

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“We were just a bunch of kids who thought we couldn’t make a difference, but we accomplished more than we ever imagined possible. I learned that I can make a difference if I really want to.”

– Student

“What you see by the end of this semester is definitely why teachers get into the profession of teaching.”

– Educator

“I put aside my feelings and opinions to see the world from the perspective of others. I learned from others and found a way to help a community I would not normally get a chance to be around.”

– Student

“BIP helped renew my belief that our younger generations have potential to be good leaders, work well with others, exhibit solid work ethic, and care about the communities in which they live and work.”

– Mentor
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It starts with a mindset shift

Students learn that effective leaders focus on empowering others to reach their full potential. We call this Generous Leadership.®

About Generous Leadership®


Our Impact

Unleashing leaders since 2014

60 Teachers

850 Mentors

3000 Students

36000 People Impacted


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We are all responsible for educating our next generation

What role do you play?

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Join us in our mission

When we provide transformational experiences in schools that unleash student potential, we all win.

Stronger families, stronger businesses, stronger communities.

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