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Big Idea Project exists to unleash the potential of students through student-centered learning that inspires and equips them for life beyond graduation.

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The Problem:
Students Aren’t Thriving In School

A recent Gallop study says two-thirds of US high schools students are disengaged at school, leading to poor academic achievement, future underemployment, and a sense of hopelessness about their future.

Those that are engaged in school are more at-risk for suicide than their disengaged peers due to significant academic stress and fear of failure.


Our Solution:
Re-Humanize Learning

Re-humanizing the education system means that our youth are seen as people first, and students second. Big Idea Project gives students ownership of their learning and challenges them to solve real world problems that impact others.


Student-Centered Learning = Personal Transformation

This is what transformation looks like:

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Workforce Readiness

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Life Skills

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Big Idea Project saved me in many ways. It allowed me to become more of the person I am internally rather than the one I portray on the outside. It pushed me to accomplish goals and work through problems. It allowed me to connect with people in my community that I didn’t even know before. And most of all it allowed me to become humble and participate in civic engagement that benefits the vast majority of the people I came across in my short time with the project.

– Big Idea Project Student

Our Impact

Unleashing leaders since 2014

60 Teachers

850 Mentors

3000 Students

36000 People Impacted


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We are all responsible for educating our next generation

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