Our Why

Shifting the Course of Leadership

The pressing need for effective leadership in all spheres of society is increasing. Youth have the potential to be our most important change-makers.

Going straight to the root

A focus on relieving symptoms to a problem only provides short-term change. Long-term change comes from addressing the root cause.

Leadership has little to do with position, titles, characteristics or even skills. Leadership is a human enterprise that requires empathy, imagination, responsibility and an outward focus on others.

We Inspire Generous Leaders

How we do it

We bring communities together under one vision: to develop our nation’s future generous leaders. Teachers leverage a deeper network of support and collaborative relationships to usher in new levels of innovation in the classroom.

Students become leaders through self-directed action that merges their passion and talents with their community’s needs. They become the employees we want to hire and citizens we need.

What is Generous Leadership®?

Created by our Founder, the Generous Leadership® paradigm is a way of viewing the world, that requires empathy, selflessness and action. Generous Leadership® is not a leadership style or theory. It is a way of being, thinking and doing that is others-focused and others-motivated.

Generous Leadership is abundantly giving of yourself so others may be and do their best.

Watch this example of what a Generous Leadership paradigm shift looks like.