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Big Idea Project Parent/Guardian Agreement

Big Idea Project?

Big Idea Project is a co-curricular program for high school students that uses experience and content to facilitate deep learning.

For the project, students work in teams of 3-4 to solve a social problem and lead real impact in their communities. With the help of a business mentor, students research, plan, test and execute their ideas. At the end of the semester, teams create a storytelling video and speech to present for the chance to win a college scholarship.

Big Idea Project gives students a voice and the inspiration to do something about problems that matter to them. But, we are so much more than a program that enables some social good. There is intention and purpose behind why we do what we do.



By completing this form and signing it electronically, you are agreeing for your student to participate in this course, including working with a Big Idea Project mentor. You are also giving us permission to include your student in pictures, videos, testimonials, etc. that we post online and in written materials.


Al completar y firmar electrónicamente este formulario, usted acepta que su hijo/a participe en este curso, y específicamente, que trabaje con un mentor de Big Idea Project. Asimismo, nos autoriza a incluir a su hijo en las imágenes, videos, testimonios, etc., que publiquemos en línea y en materiales impresos.