Alumni Profile: Megan Lacy

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“My greatest take away is the new mindset I have,” BIP Alumnus Megan Lacy said. “This project helped me realize how blessed I am and that every day is an opportunity to improve the lives of others and inspire others to do the same.”


Megan Lacy is a senior of Columbine High School and was a participant of the Big Idea Project her junior year. Her team, Denver Push, focused on raising awareness for the disabled population in the city.


“I was just as guilty as many others at overlooking the needs of those confined to the use of a wheelchair before doing this project,” Megan said. “After spending a day in a wheelchair, touring the hospital, and seeing people with modified homes, it opened my eyes and helped me gain empathy that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”


The capacity for empathy has shown to increase in students after they go through the Big Idea Project. Megan Lacy was no exception.


“After the completion of my project,” Megan began, “I look at the world in a new light. I am now able to identify with people when they need help and know how to provide help to them.”


Megan says that “by being exposed to Generous Leadership, I am able to practice this leadership perspective in official positions on teams and in councils. More importantly, I am able to integrate the ideas of generous leadership into my everyday life among my peers.”