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What comes next?
Be a Big Idea Project Ambassador!

Ambassadors are trained representatives of Big Idea Project.
This is an application-only program for current Big Idea Project students and recent alumni. Ambassadors continue to receive training and grow as Generous Leaders® as they continue to share and communicate their stories with the broader community of businesses and leaders.

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What Ambassadors do

  • Speak publicly at events, large and small
  • Network with community leaders
  • Accompany BIP’s executive leaders at events
  • Represent BIP in their schools
  • Build skills that impact their future careers

What Ambassadors get

  • Training in public speaking, storytelling, professional communication, career development, and much more
  • Experience colleges and employers are looking for
  • Opportunities to build a professional network
  • Informal mentoring from successful leaders
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Alumni program

Stay connected with students who have also participated in Big Idea Project, those you know and those you haven’t met until now. By joining, you are developing an important part of your professional and personal network.

Opportunities for internships & jobs

Our sponsors are looking to hire young generous leaders with initiative, just like you. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!


Ambassador FAQs

What is an ambassador?

A BIP Ambassador is a student who participated in the Big Idea Project and who is selected to represent our organization in various professional settings and networking events.

Ambassadors have the opportunity to meet and learn from business leaders in the community while growing their personal networks and learning vital skills that will impact their future careers.

What are the expectations for Ambassadors?

Ambassadors must participate in the initial training and remain flexible for ongoing requests from BIP to attend and potentially speak or share at networking events. Additional training and professional opportunities may also be available to Ambassadors.