Mentor Registration

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  • Please Watch this Video First!

    We ask that you watch this video before you apply so that you know what to expect moving forward.

    About the Application Process

    As you walk through the registration process, please read and interact with the information provided so you'll learn more about what it means to be a mentor for a Big Idea Project team.

    There are 2 parts to the Mentor Application.

    Part 1: The Application Form. (Average Completion Time: 15 Minutes). This will give us a snapshot of who you are as well as give you some context for our unique mentoring experience.

    Part 2: The Background Check. (Average Completion Time: 5 Minutes). Part 2 will be available to complete a few days after you submit your application form. You will receive an email from Verified Volunteers with a unique link to their secure website where you can complete your background check. You cannot be considered as a mentor for Big Idea Project unless you complete this step! The background check will cost you $30. Thank you for covering this cost for us so more of our funds can go directly to our teachers and students!

    Important Note

    Please note that teachers will be selecting mentors when students begin their project based on matching criteria. Completing the 2-part registration process does not guarantee that you will be selected to mentor a Big Idea Project team this year. However, we will keep your information in our mentor pool for future matches in subsequent years for as long as you are interested.