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Author: Tricia Halsey

Questions That Need Answering

I was reading a recent article in a local Colorado publication* about new trends in school attendance. I was interested, but mostly just scanning through data and testimonials like I … Read More

It’s Worse Than You Think

The prevailing 2020 adult mindset is to hunker down, ride the storm, and hope that normal returns very soon. Families with school-aged children have made major adjustments just to keep … Read More

Could it be…

Could it be that life is a grand story intentionally shaped by the intertwined lives of fellow influencers who choose to believe that the narrative doesn’t start and stop with … Read More


When I hear the word “shaken” I think of a sifter quickly moving back and forth to shake loose dirt from larger rocks. The stronger substantial rocks remain; the unneeded … Read More

What’s The Purpose Of School?

Everyone believes education is in need of some change. Even teachers and education leaders would agree. Everyone wants the best for their kids. While other distractions may muddy our intentions … Read More