How Can your Business Adopt a School?

Tricia Halsey Generous Leadership®

This morning, while sitting in a meeting with a Generous Leadership® company here in Denver who is interested in sponsoring Big Idea Project’s work, my friend told this story: 

“While visiting the Bay Area of California, a colleague of mine was fortunate enough see the legendary Bono in concert. We all know how socially active Bono is with critical issues around the world, but this evening my friend was shocked by Bono’s concern for America’s education. He spoke passionately about how local schools are the linchpins for the health of our nation, and that they are dying. He challenged every person at the concert: ‘Go home and adopt your local school.’ My colleague shared this story with me in desperation and said, ‘I don’t know what to do. How in the world do I adopt my local school?!'”

Then my friend, in the middle of our meeting this morning with a potential company sponsor, plainly says: “Big Idea Project is how.”


Big Idea Project bridges local businesses with local schools. In order to empower teachers to be better teachers, we need to resource them with relationships with professionals who can help them practically. In order to move students from knowledge to behavior change they need mentors to come alongside of them to push them to take personal responsibility to improve the lives of others. 

I’ve seen the power of bridging business with education firsthand. Working together we can transform education, strengthen our schools–and above all–form youth into the generous leaders our nation needs.

Big Idea Project is your how. 

Will you help us? Tell your company about Big Idea Project. Sign up as a School Sponsor and change our nation. 

–Thank you Dennis Johanningmeier for engaging your employees at DJJCPA to ‘adopt’ a Big Idea Project school and for leading by example.–