Reflections: Leadership Lessons from a Colonel

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We walked into the conference room, sweaty and exhausted from a morning on the hot tarmac at Buckley Air Force Base, but excited for what was still to come. Seeing the F-16’s up-close both on the ground and as they took flight was truly as “Top Gun” as you could get. But it was the quality of people we met …

Generous Leadership® and the Colorado Air National Guard

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Generous Leadership® is “abundantly giving of yourself so that others may be better people who do better work.” We believe one of the very best examples of generous leadership® is none other than our nation’s service men and women, especially the volunteers of Colorado’s Air National Guard who serve in our own backyard. On August 15th, Big Idea Project and …

Top 5 BIP Teams Awarded Unique Leadership Opportunities

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In the Spring of 2019, 650 Big Idea Project students formed 185 teams that worked to address a variety of social problems such as: Increasing the quality of the student mental health Advocating for those without a voice such as trafficked girls and foster children Honoring civil servants and veterans Providing help to people who are outcast, hurting and sick, …

Official Recognition from Jeffco School Board

Tricia Halsey Awards, Jeffco School Board

Bryan Halsey, Big Idea Project’s chief practitioner, founding teacher and current business educator at Columbine High School, was publicly recognized by the Jefferson County School Board for his commitment to develop generous leaders at Columbine High School and beyond.