High school students at the Gala speaking with a business owner

How BIP Connects the Classrooms, Companies, & Community

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“Kennedy is pushing for legislation that will allow children to seek psychiatric help at a younger age. There were lots of community leaders at the table, and she belonged.” Zak Ferry, quoted above, met Big Idea Project Horizon High School participant Kennedy at the state gala last May. The event showcases the top five teams as they present to Big …

Leadership? Do I have to care?

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  Scientists have proven that empathy is the key ingredient to improving human society. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It’s not just sympathizing by saying, “that’s too bad.” Empathy is stepping into another person’s shoes, it’s feeling what they feel. Without empathy, society decays. People put self-interest above all else. Apathy and violence …

How Can your Business Adopt a School?

Tricia Halsey Generous Leadership®

This morning, while sitting in a meeting with a Generous Leadership® company here in Denver who is interested in sponsoring Big Idea Project’s work, my friend told this story:  “While visiting the Bay Area of California, a colleague of mine was fortunate enough see the legendary Bono in concert. We all know how socially active Bono is with critical issues …