Business Leaders: Bearers of Hope to Students?

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If you walk into a typical high school and listen to what students are saying, you’ll hear complaints about ‘jumping through hoops’ and doing work that seems irrelevant. At their core, students are worried their education is not preparing them for their future. According to Gallup’s 2015 Student Poll on the level of hope in students today, more than 1 …

Many Subjects, One Project: Perspective from a Sociology Teacher

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“Sociology is about society, culture, groups, teams, leadership, and most importantly to view things from a relative standpoint instead of a biased opinion,” said Andy Wold, Big Idea Project educator and sociology teacher at Legend High School said. “The biggest concept is to have the perspective of walking in another person’s shoes. This project does exactly that.”   “Big Idea …

The Students’ Perspective: Seeing the World in a New Way

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“I have a different outlook now,” Burke Liden said. “It made me realize we could do a lot more than I thought before, that we had more power to do something.” Burke, a Big Idea Project student from Pomona High School isn’t alone. As students go through the Big Idea Project, many of them begin to see the world around …

We are Looking for Innovative Teachers!

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Introduce us and you could win $100! Our goal is to increase Big Idea Project’s reach next year to 60 Colorado teachers and over 1,300 students.  Everyone knows a teacher, administrator or high school student (yes, even students have recruited their teachers to sign up!). We are looking for forward-thinking innovators who know the life-changing power of student-led service learning. …

Changing School Culture

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Big Idea Project is more than just a project. It starts small—maybe with just one class—but it ripples compassion through entire schools and communities. The students and staff at Bishop Machebeuf High School recently experienced this ripple effect.