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Give to Big Idea Project on Colorado Gives Day!

High school student leadership program holding a sign that says I Lead

Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement created in 2010 to increase online philanthropy in Colorado. Started by the Community First Foundation and backed by FirstBank, Coloradans are encourage to “Give Where You Live” on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

If you are concerned about education in schools and the state of Colorado’s youth, consider giving to the Big Idea Project.

Mark Twain once said, “I’ve never let my school interfere with my education.”

Today, more than ever, schools need to prepare students for life. Not all students are the same, and a student’s test score is not the final measure of their worth and success.

Schools teach knowledge. Life requires wisdom.

Big Idea Project takes a whole-child transformation approach to education, and our last 9 years in the classroom have demonstrated that all students are hungry to be seen as a whole person.

Research shows that many students feel boxed in and limited by our educational system. Big Idea Project exists to unleash their potential.

Big Idea Project is providing quality experiential learning in high schools that develops student leadership, wellness and mental health, workforce readiness and real world skills.

Our proven model is to use service learning as a tool for student transformation. Kids observe the world around them to identify an issue that negatively impacts others. They then work together in teams to be the solution. As they work, they grow as people. They see the world from a new perspective. They recognize what it means to care for themselves and others. They see their value. They believe they have purpose.

What does the Big Idea Project achieve? 93% of students show growth in professional skills, 78% of students say they now believe they can lead in their community and 100% of educators say their students learn valuable life skills they don’t normally learn in other classes.

In just five years Big Idea Project has grown into one of Colorado’s leading co-curricular experiential learning solutions in high schools. Together we can ensure our schools provide relevant, transformative education to all of Colorado’s high school students. Please give on Colorado Gives Day. Thank you for your generosity!