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For Educators


Real-World Learning That Works

Big Idea Project (BIP) is an evidence-based multi-disciplinary program that Colorado public schools can implement today to meet high school requirements mandated by the Colorado Department of Education.


Our turn-key solution offers an authentic, rigorous learning opportunity to students who…

  • Need to take ownership of their learning.
  • Lack confidence in their abilities.
  • Have underdeveloped interpersonal skills.
  • Show leadership promise.
  • Would benefit by working with others and with a mentor.

Created by a teacher…for teachers.

Big Idea Project facilitates student transformation, leadership development and workforce readiness by providing the context for students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world experiences. Contrary to an individual project, BIP students work in teams (mimicking the workplace) and learn to be adaptable, responsible and accountable for their results. Our lessons and resources offer just the right amount of structure and freedom, so you can do what you love.


“We evaluate several school-based programs, many of which have been operating much longer than Big Idea Project, and Big Idea Project consistently produces the largest gains we see in student outcomes. Using rigorous measures of pre-post change, Big Idea Project has reliably, over four years of measurement, lead to student growth in skills important for workforce leadership and behavioral health, such as problem solving, teamwork, communication, professionalism, resilience, and confidence.”

– Dr. Beth Mulligan, Principal Corona Insights, Denver, CO

Real world skills

Guided by trained teachers and coached by business mentors, students learn 21st century essential skills like leadership, self-direction, perseverance, inquiry and analysis, risk-taking, career literacy, problem solving and how to think critically. Teachers favor Big Idea Project’s well-structured experiential process for its ease of implementation and for the authentic connections that are naturally created with their students.


The exponential impact

The influence of one certified BIP educator can change communities.

1 Teacher

25 Students

300 + People Impacted


Aligned to standards

Big Idea Project curriculum aligns to the Colorado 2020 State Standards and covers critical high school language and math concepts which are reinforced daily in student practice. BIP also supports the ICAP and integrates CASEL’s five social emotional learning competencies.

The Big Idea Project capstone experience works best as a stand-alone class as an elective, english or CTE course, but we can work with you to help you find your best fit.


How the project works

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A Big Idea

Teams of 3-4 identify a social problem they care about and come up with a way to help solve it

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Business Coach

Together with a business coach, teams create a plan for taking action

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Students have the semester to work their plan and make their Big Idea come to life

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At the end of the semester, teams create a storytelling video and present their results

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Real World Relevance

Students create a real world portfolio to use with future employers and schools. Winning teams can receive college scholarships.


Interested in getting involved?



How does Big Idea Project work?

Our proven model is to use service as a tool for learning, in parallel with highly relevant content. Students observe the world around them to identify an issue that negatively impacts their community. They then work together in teams to be the solution. As they work in and outside of the classroom, they grow as people. They see the world from a new perspective. They learn skills such as responsibility, communication and project management. They recognize what it means to care for themselves and others. They recognize their value and find meaning in their work.

How does the program connect with the business community?

Big Idea Project students work in teams of 3-4 to solve a social problem and lead real impact in their communities. With the help of a local business mentor, students research, plan, test and execute their ideas. Business mentors are a vital part of the Big Idea Project experience.

Does Big Idea Project provide scholarships?

Big Idea Project provides scholarships for students of the winning team from each school. Graduates have 18 months after graduation to claim their scholarship by completing the BIP scholarship request form. BIP will send the award check directly to the accredited college/university or trade school.

What can I expect a student to learn from participating in the program?

From empathy, to problem solving, to social/emotional skills, to being workforce ready, students are impacted by our ‘whole-student’ approach. Check out the Student page for more info by clicking here.

What does Big Idea Project cost?

Big Idea Project is a non-profit organization that relies on districts, schools and community partners to cover the cost of the entire program. There are no direct costs to students to participate in Big Idea Project. (Note: each school may impose a local materials fee.)

What schools are using Big Idea Project?

Currently we are only implementing Big Idea Project in Colorado school’s. However, our program can be implemented in almost any school across the country. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing Big Idea Project to your local school.

2019-2020 Coloardo Schools:

Arapahoe High School
Horizon High School
Legacy High School
Bear Creek High School
Columbine High School
Colorado’s Finest High School
Mountain Range High School
Dakota Ridge High School
Northglenn High School
Crossroads School
Englewood High School
SkyView Academy
Legend High School
Holy Family High School
Thornton High School

How can teach Big Idea Project in my classroom?

The Big Idea Project works with districts and schools to implement the program in the best context for each school. If your school does not offer Big Idea Project, talk to your principal, district or contact us.

Does the curriculum align with academic standards?

The Big Idea Project is currently only in Colorado’s schools. All curriculum is aligned to the Colorado 2020 standards for both English and Math.

The Big Idea Project curriculum is also aligned with CASEL’s social emotional competencies, ICAP standards and the CDE’s Essential Skills.

As a teacher do I have to commit to all the requirements?

Yes. Our certified teachers are the best of the best. They are known by the community and their schools as the innovators who provide life-changing experiences for their students. BIP is vigilant in our pursuit of providing the best experience for students, so committing to all the requirements is vital to implementing BIP in a classroom.

How does Big Idea Project fit into the school?

Schools can choose to implement the Big Idea Project alongside current curriculum in an existing class (such as business or English) or use the official Big Idea Project curriculum in a semester-long elective course. Multi-year programming is currently under construction.

How long is the project?

Currently Big Idea Project is a semester-long curriculum and hands-on project.

When is Big Idea Project implemented?

Big Idea Project is currently being implemented in the Spring semester classes only. Full and multi-year implementation is in development.