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Family Resources


Welcome, Families!


Our mission here at Big Idea Project is to unleash the potential of students, and we full-heartedly believe that student transformation starts at home. Check out our growing library of resources to help your family grow closer, stronger, and more equipped for life outside of the home.

What does it mean to unleash the potential of students? Watch this video…


Family Connection Activities


We LOVE experiential learning because it bridges the head and the heart to create real, lasting change. So the best resources we can give you are activity prompts that help your family connect and grow together. Feel free to take these ideas and personalize them to work best for your family. Our only encouragement is to be curious, honest, and brave as you practice new ways of connecting with your family.


How do you REST best? (Quiz)

Burnout is becoming a strong reality for most of us (adults and children alike) as we continue navigating life, work, and school during the pandemic.

That’s why we’ve created a 2-minute quiz to help you identify what kinds of activities and environments help you rest and recharge best based on your temperament. Share this quiz with your family (yes, your children too!) and your friends, and then do each person’s recommended rest activity together!


Family Connection Challenge

We all know it’s valuable to spend meaningful time with family and friends, but we often choose activities that are the most familiar and convenient. In an effort to spark curiosity, courage, and deeper connection, we’re challenging you to plan a different kind of activity with your family. Check out the challenge!


Let’s Talk About Education

Check out these clips from our (re)Educate event last fall!


Education Expert Will Richardson on the State of Education

What is really happening in education right now, and how can we use lessons from the past to shape a better educational future for our children? Check out this clip from our (re)Educate event this last fall as education thought leader and best-selling author Will Richardson shares his perspective on the current state of education.

BIP’s Founder Tricia Halsey on a New Path Forward in Education

We are all responsible for raising and equipping the youngest generation to learn and lead. Hear from Big Idea Project’s co-founder and Executive Director, Tricia Halsey, as she shares how we can overcome the current challenges in education and give our children a better path forward.

A Forerunner for a Generation, and How His Parents Raised Him, with Christian Dykson and Parents Lindie and Dir‪k‬

Parenting is the highest form of leadership. This year, while children are at home for school, parents have an unprecedented opportunity. In this podcast, Tricia interviews Christian Dykson, a 19 year-old Ashoka Young Changemaker who is wise beyond his years. And then, Christian joins his parents for a conversation about parenting and raising leaders. Learning and working from home comes with tremendous challenges, but we can choose to see this as a gift that will forever change the lives of our kids.