Ambassador Program

Become the voice of BIP

As a trained representative for BIP, you will rub shoulders with city influencers, business leaders and future employers while building skills and perspective that will impact your future career.

Take the stage

The Ambassador program is an application only program for current BIP students and young alumni. Ambassadors are trained to ‘wow’ the community with their stories and skills. They are proof that Big Idea Project grows Generous Leaders.

What they do:

  • Speak publicly at events, large and small
  • Network with community leaders
  • Accompany BIP’s executive leaders at events
  • Represent BIP in their schools
Students Brainstorming

Shape your future

The Ambassador experience gives you skills and experiences that will impact your professional future.

What you get:

  • Training in public speaking, storytelling, professional communication, career development, and much more
  • Experiences colleges and employers are looking for
  • Opportunities to build your professional network
  • Informal mentoring from successful leaders

The Details

Often Ambassadors are recruited for our annual un-gala, ‘EXPERIENCE Big Idea Project.’ Ambassadors have the option to remain involved for up to two years.
Ambassadors must participate in the initial training and commit to attend the EXPERIENCE Big Idea Project annual event as well as remain flexible for ongoing requests from BIP for fundraising meetings, media exposure and photo shoots. Additional training and incredible opportunities are offered to Ambassadors who make themselves available.
Fill out the the application and email it to
You will be expected to submit an application, resume and list of references. Follow up includes interviews and possible public speaking auditions.
There is no deadline. You can turn in an application at any time after you begin participating in Big Idea Project.
The Ambassador program is for current students and young alumni who are no more than two years removed from their project.