Modeling generosity

With Big Idea Project, you are ensuring that our students become the employees we want, a generation we respect, the citizens we need, and a driving force for good.

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Our students shine

Big Idea Project students are skilled in problem-solving, project planning and implementation, teamwork, public speaking and so much more. They take responsibility, drive results and become leaders by actually leading. Real work, real solutions for real life.

Key student outcomes:

  • 70% increase in empathy, the foundational skill for leadership
  • 86% increase in job-related skills
  • Significant increase in confidence in their ability to lead generously
Students Brainstorming
“I recommend other business leaders seriously lend a hand to Big Idea Project’s efforts. The program builds business skills, produces a successful outcome for every student, and their work helps others in the community. To me, that’s innovative, unbelievably admirable, and worthy of other business leaders to consider supporting.”Bill Young, Director at MillerCoors
Operation costs

BIP’s efficient business model

Big Idea Project utilizes a train-the-trainer model. This means that while most non-profits pay overhead on staff who deliver programs, Big Idea Project has none of these costs.

Train-the-trainer models also allow for exponential and long-term impact. Empowered educators means higher levels of student success.