Mentoring future Generous Leaders

  • Be their champion

    Big Idea Project mentors provide perspective, advice and connections to teams. Often, the best help a mentor can give is real-world advice and perspective that comes from well-crafted questions.

  • Mentoring for busy professionals

    Project-based mentoring has a hard start and stop date with a duration of about 3 months (a semester). Four in-class meetings are combined with weekly online communication.

  • Above all, it's about teaching empathy

    BIP mentors practice Generous Leadership® and know it is the key to building future leaders of impact. As a mentor you can guide students in an experience that leads to a paradigm shift characterized by empathy.

  • Impact education: be a resource

    Mentors are selected and directed by BIP educators. This means you have a real connection to teachers, our heroes on the frontline with tremendous influence over the development of our next generation.

Apply to Mentor!
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What You can Expect

All of our mentors are required to apply and participate in a $30 background check. When your application is approved, you are available for a match. We cannot guarantee an immediate match because teachers select according to fit. However, once you apply, you will remain available for future teams until you tell us you are no longer interested.

If you have any questions, email