Real-world skills and experience

You want to make sure your child is prepared for their future with job-ready skills and life-changing opportunities. The Big Idea Project, and our ongoing alumni network, provide all of this and more.

  • Job-relevant skills

    Nearly 60% of employers say they have leadership gaps they can’t fill. Our students learn leadership as well as hard-to-find soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, project planning, initiative, public speaking and much more.

  • Generous Leadership®

    True leadership is more than a set of skills. Through BIP, students engage in an experience that creates mind shifts around selfless service, personal responsibility and perseverance. They learn what it take to become a generous leader

  • Resiliency

    Big Idea Project is challenging. Challenge and road blocks build character, give students the chance to choose their attitude and action, own their vision and fight for what they believe in. Often, the most challenging becomes the most rewarding.

  • Results for Colleges

    BIP requires that students implement ideas and get results. Their results (chronicled in a storytelling video) are the proof colleges and future employers are specifically looking for. Long-term projects are seen as more valuable than volunteer hours.

“As a parent of a Big Idea Project student, it’s exciting to see how you are inspiring a generation of public-spirited leaders focused on giving back to others. I watched my own daughter as she broadened her social conscience, set goals, worked as a team member, took initiative and stretched her comfort zone. As a result, she discovered that she has the power to make a difference in her world.”Linda, Parent

What does a project look like?

Big Idea Project gives students the space to connect their passion with their learning. They choose their project topic and then they create meaningful work that makes a positive impact on others. Here’s a sample of the work they do.

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