Not a class. A cause.

Break from the grind of just going through the motions. Become a part of something bigger than yourself: a movement of Generous Leaders who are taking our schools and communities by storm.

Helping others

It all starts when you decide to tackle a social issue you care deeply about and you get to know the people affected. Then with your team, bring about real positive impact. And at the end, when you stand on stage to present your story, you’ll know why Big Idea Project matters. It is more than just a project.

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You benefit too

By sacrificing for others, you become a better version of you, prepared to achieve your dreams.

What you learn:

  • Confidence that you can lead generously
  • Job-relevant skills that many job-seekers lack
  • Service learning experience colleges want
  • Ongoing collaboration with like-minded alumni
Students Brainstorming
“My eyes were opened to the struggles and needs in our society and the role each person can play in making a difference. It provided me with the tools and inspiration needed to take action. I learned just how much we can change with our passion and hard work. It is truly something everyone should be a part of!”Kaitlin, student

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