Let’s build our future leaders, together

The responsibility of ensuring our future leaders are prepared rests on all of us. We are changing the leadership trajectory of our nation, one generous leader at a time. Want to help us?

Your talents are needed

BIP needs volunteers at an organizational level and educators need volunteers in the classroom at the Project level. Tell us where you think you fit and we’ll get you connected.

Mentor a team

Mentors work directly with student teams for at least four sessions during a semester, and over weekly communication. Mentors are matched according to team fit.
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Partner with an educator

Educators want to connect with local businesses who can serve as competition judges, provide expertise, speak in classes and much more!
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Pro bono work

BIP raises funds, supports educators, trains students, hosts events and provides content on leadership and learning strategies (among other things).
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Connect and share

Too many people don’t know about BIP. Can you help us spread the word? Host a lunch and learn, invite friends to events, make connections…
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