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Generous Leadership Challenge
& Big Idea Project


Big Idea Project
Unleashes Student Potential

Whole student development looks like:

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We provide schools with a comprehensive and customizable leadership development program that goes beyond academic skills to meet the needs of the whole student, equipping them for life beyond the classroom.

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Well Being

We provide a student-centered approach that connects the head and the heart through experiential learning, resulting in personal development that goes beyond knowledge.

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Social Emotional Learning

Our project-based learning ignites deeper learning in social, emotional and academic skills such as personal awareness, stress management, communication, social problem solving and much more.

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Workforce Readiness

We give students the opportunity to step into the uncomfortable and fail forward. They have a chance to work with mentors, stepping outside of the classroom, delivering results and building a portfolio.

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More than curriculum…

89% of students showed growth in leadership and workforce readiness. Nearly 90% of teachers agreed that the Big Idea Project improved their students’ overall well-being.


We are a partner with schools…

“Thank you for being such an amazing resource for teachers and students. You have a very clear vision, solid execution, and clearly go above and beyond with your hard work. It does not go unnoticed.”

– BIP Teacher


Growth beyond the classroom…

As they work in and outside of the classroom, they grow as people. They see the world from a new perspective. They learn skills such as responsibility, communication and project management. They recognize what it means to care for themselves and for others. They recognize their own value and they find meaning in their work.

They become generous leaders.

“We evaluate several school-based programs, many of which have been operating much longer than Big Idea Project, and Big Idea Project consistently produces the largest gains we see in student outcomes.

Using rigorous measures of pre-post change, Big Idea Project has reliably, over four years of measurement, lead to student growth in skills important for workforce leadership and behavioral health, such as problem solving, teamwork, communication, professionalism, resilience, and confidence.”

– – Dr. Beth Mulligan, Principal Corona Insights, Denver, CO

While Big Idea Project currently works in Colorado,
we have solutions and expertise to impact all schools.

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