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It’s time we (re)introduce ourselves.

Big Idea Project is not just another non-profit organization. We are a community of parents, neighbors, school administrators, teachers, companies and leaders who believe that our youngest generation has the potential to do more good than any generation before them.

We believe that all students possess potential within them to become life-changing leaders, but that student potential must be unleashed for it to be realized.

We believe that transformational, whole-student, development must happen in schools, because school is a primary place where children are formed. And let’s be honest, the formation of our children must be more than just knowledge.

And so, Big Idea Project exists to provide transformational experiences within Colorado’s schools that form the whole-child—their character, self-confidence, empathy, essential life skills, personal well-being and workforce readiness. We bridge the head and the heart so our students know why they matter and why their formation matters so that they are prepared to be the impact-makers and life-changers they are meant to be.

If you’re already involved with us, whether as a mentor, sponsor, educator, or supporter, thank you. We cannot do this work without you. And if you’re not yet involved with us and want to be, let us know!