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Moving from knowing to doing

Big Idea Project harnesses the transformational power of challenging experience to form the whole-student: how they think, feel and behave.


Impact Matters

Experiential learning leads to attitude and behavior change. Big Idea Project students learn what it takes to lead generously by practicing empathy, applying skills and owning responsibility for outcomes.

89 %

According to a pre and post survey that measures student skill development, 89% of students showed growth in one or more of the eight main leadership and workforce readiness measures.

94 %

More than 94% of educators agreed or strongly agreed that the Big Idea Project helped their students acquire valuable workforce and professional skills.

75 %

BIP is fulfilling its mission to unleash the potential of students. 75% of students agreed that BIP gave them the skills to help them unlock more of their potential.

83 %

More than 8 out of 10 students grew in empathy, a foundational skill for leadership and life. 83% of students agreed that as a result of participating it is easier to put themselves in others’ shoes.

81 %

BIP strengthens student well-being by reducing feelings of isolation. 81% of students said from their experience they learned that other students and their teacher support them and their goals. Nearly 90% of teachers agreed that the program improved their students’ overall well-being.

Source: Big Idea Project 2019 Impact Report

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Professional Skills Learned

  • Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Planning
  • Creativity
  • Initiative
  • Video
  • Storytelling
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication

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“We were just a bunch of kids who thought we couldn’t make a difference, but we accomplished more than we ever imagined possible. I learned that I can make a difference if I really want to.”

– Student

“I put aside my feelings and opinions to see the world from the perspective of others. I learned from others and found a way to help a community I would not normally get a chance to be around.”

– Student

Everyone benefits

Teachers connect with local businesses to build their network and increase classroom effectiveness. Businesses receive ongoing opportunities to have a real influence in the education of their future leaders. Students establish relationships with caring adults who mentor and coach them.


The result

Students grow in empathy, compassion, and confidence, while acquiring necessary life skills. They become active citizens. Teachers are reminded of why they teach. Businesses influence their future workforce. Communities find creative solutions to critical problems.