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Many Subjects, One Project: Perspective from a Sociology Teacher

Make a change hands

“Sociology is about society, culture, groups, teams, leadership, and most importantly to view things from a relative standpoint instead of a biased opinion,” said Andy Wold, Big Idea Project educator and sociology teacher at Legend High School said. “The biggest concept is to have the perspective of walking in another person’s shoes. This project does exactly that.”

“Big Idea Project teaches kids that they can make a difference in their community,” Andy continued. “Students work with mentors, network with professionals and learn crucial lessons from adults in the business world. And even more, the project teaches generous leadership®, teamwork, public speaking and video production. These are all 21st century skills we are pursuing in education.”

That’s part of the genius behind Big Idea Project. On one hand, BIP has a mission: to take students through a service learning experience that will turn them into Generous Leaders, leaders who are driven by an empathetic worldview. These are leaders who are able to, as Andy says, “have the perspective of walking in another person’s shoes.”

On the other hand, Big Idea Project challenges students to practice and learn real-world skills such as project management, team work, video production, organization, action planning and execution, to name only a few. Big Idea Project is not only fulfilling the mission of Andy’s sociology class, but fulfilling the goals of Legend High School and Douglas County Schools by giving students the opportunity to practice 21st century skills.

Big Idea Project’s innovative model allows customization by teachers to fulfill class objectives while guiding students from head knowledge to heart and behavior change. So, if you are a teacher seeking to give your students a life-changing opportunity that leads to long-term success, have you considered Big Idea Project?