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(re)Educate: The Next Normal - Unleashing a generation to learn and lead

Meet Torrence Jackson

Torrence has a dynamic passion for facilitating transformation and life development for all students, young and old. As a board member and partner to the Big Idea Project and a regular guest and co-host to the Generous Leadership® Podcast he is dedicated to engaging in critical conversations for change. 

Dedicated to finding the best solutions for the next generation to become all they were meant to be, Torrence’s work has mostly been in the education space, working in diverse educational spheres to reach and teach students from all demographics. As a Principal and Director of Schools for over 16 years he built dynamic partnerships with stakeholders, students and families to see critical growth in arenas that bring lasting change and difference. As an educational leader, Torrence has started over 20 schools and been a key leader in over 10 turnaround educational programs. Healthy growth, student retention and parent partnership are three important pillars that have been the foundation for the change he leads.

Torrence is the founder of a non-profit whose purpose is to awaken a generation to their destiny and purpose for their life. As a speaker and dynamic communicator Torrence consults, empowers and teaches in schools, camps, churches and businesses across the nation.  As a singer and songwriter Torrence has worked with countless artists, poets, actors and more to create spaces and conversations that moves the mind, heart and spirit.

Currently, Torrence serves as the Director of Human Development for an engineering company, consultant to schools and speaker in educational forums. Torrence has an M.A. from Liberty University and an undergraduate degree in psychology from Southeastern University. Torrence lives in the Denver Metro Area and is married to Beth and has two amazing children, Charlee (15) and Campbell (12).