Life-changing and transformational

Be the leader you are meant to be.

Navigating school and preparing for the future has never been more difficult, stressful or competitive. The Big Idea Project provides students with experiences to help shape their workforce ready skills, social emotional growth and wellbeing. We develop  Generous Leaders® who have the mindset, confidence, skills and knowledge to be their best in life and work after high school.

“I can make a difference”

As shared by BIP students

We call this ‘entrepreneurial confidence.’ When students see that they can do something about challenging social problems, they carry that confidence with them throughout life. Big problems are not insurmountable. Big problems just need a creative idea and the will to make a difference.

Shape your future

"it is not the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." - William Shakespeare

You want more than a class; you want a cause to believe in. Big Idea Project is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for in school.

We invite you to put aside academic requirements, tests and book assignments and instead, lead your own learning through a semester-long project. Through the Big Idea Project you get to find a problem that others struggle with, and solve it. You might care about stopping bullies, improving the way students in your school feel valued, changing the circumstances for a homeless family, ending suicide or something else. No cause or purpose is too small or too big.

You get to do work that matters, and you get school credit to do it. At the end of your experience you will have the confidence, skills, experience and leadership to be your best self and reach your professional goals.

How the project works:



Teams of 3-4 identify a social problem they care about and come up with a way to help solve it


Together with a business mentor, teams create a plan for taking action


Students have the semester to work their plan and make their Big Idea come to life


At the end of the semester, teams create a storytelling video and present their results


Winning teams have the chance to win a college scholarship!

And there's more!

In addition to life-long learning, each student on the winning teams receives a $250 college scholarship.

Here's what you'll learn with your Big Idea Project team:

  • Confidence that you can solve challenging problems and get results
  • Job-relevant skills that many others lack
  • Service learning experience that colleges want
  • Confidence that you can solve challenging problems and get results
  • Job-relevant skills that many others lack
  • Service learning experience that colleges want

Key program outcomes

Growth in knowledge and skills
Grow in empathy
of educators agree BIP helps their students
Believe they can lead

Source: Big Idea Project 2018 Impact Report

“It was amazing to see the impact that a bunch of teenagers could make in the world. We see ourselves as being unable to do anything to make a difference until we’re older, and this project really changed that perspective.”Student

Participating schools

Don’t see your school and want
Big Idea Project?

Great! Please tell your principal that you want to participate in the Big Idea Project (BIP) Program. Administrators must contact BIP to participate and can reach us here:

(720) 722-2003 |

FAQs for students

Mentors are selected by the Big Idea Project and matched to teams by your teacher. Speak with your teacher if you have a specific request.

Big Idea Project is implemented by certified teachers in the classroom. If your school does not offer Big Idea Project, talk to your principal or favorite teacher. Send them an email with this information.

Upon graduation, BIP will send letters to all scholarship recipients. Graduates have 18 months after graduation to claim their scholarship by contacting BIP and providing the mailing address for the financial services department at their college. BIP will send the award directly to the appropriate department. If your scholarship is not claimed within 18 months you forfeit your award.

Big Idea Project is a semester-long experience. The amount of time you have to work on your project during class is determined by your teacher.

To present at State, you will need to win your school’s presentation event. All State teams must follow the Standards To Participate as well as notify BIP of their participation in the State event.

If we have your personal contact information, you will receive access to ongoing professional experiences, skills training, networking, collaboration with other alumni, events, service opportunities and much more.

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