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Our Solution


Pioneering a better way to learn…

We provide schools with a comprehensive leadership development program that goes beyond academic skills to meet the needs of the whole student, equipping them for life beyond the classroom.

We work closely with teachers (the heroes in the classroom) to provide training, resources, business mentors, and on-site support so they can unlock their students’ potential.

student helping younger children at the Fast Club they created

Transforming the way students learn

Our proven model is to use service learning as a tool for learning, in parallel with highly relevant content. Students observe the world around them to identify an issue that negatively impacts others. They then work together in teams to be the solution.

As they work in and outside of the classroom, they grow as people. They see the world from a new perspective. They learn skills such as responsibility, communication and project management. They recognize what it means to care for themselves and others. They recognize their value and find meaning in their work.


How the project works

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A Big Idea

Teams of 3-4 identify a social problem they care about and come up with a way to help solve it

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Business Coach

Together with a business coach, teams create a plan for taking action

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Students have the semester to work their plan and make their Big Idea come to life

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At the end of the semester, teams create a storytelling video and present their results

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Real World Relevance

Students create a real world portfolio to use with future employers and schools. Winning teams can receive college scholarships.


Generous Leadership®

Abundantly giving of yourself so others may be better people who do better work.

Created by our Founder, the Generous Leadership® paradigm is a way of viewing the world, that requires empathy, selflessness and action. Generous Leadership® is not a leadership style or theory. It is a way of being, thinking and doing that is others-focused and others-motivated.

Watch this example of what a Generous Leadership® paradigm shift looks like.


The result?
Students become confident, compassionate, and innovative leaders!

faces of people of all ages

“The Big Idea Project was the best class and community service project I ever participated in. It helped me serve the needs of others, grow as a person, and was a lot of fun!”

– Student

“We were just a bunch of kids who thought we couldn’t make a difference, but we accomplished more than we ever imagined possible. I learned that I can make a difference if I really want to.”

– Student

“What you see by the end of this semester is definitely why teachers get into the profession of teaching.”

– Educator

“I put aside my feelings and opinions to see the world from the perspective of others. I learned from others and found a way to help a community I would not normally get a chance to be around.”

– Student

“BIP helped renew my belief that our younger generations have potential to be good leaders, work well with others, exhibit solid work ethic, and care about the communities in which they live and work.”

– Mentor
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Created by teachers for teachers

Originally conceived by one high school teacher, the program today is a result of collaboration with numerous teachers, experts, and practitioners. Teachers know their students best and have more influence than outside program staff ever could. BIP empowers teachers to use their influence to unleash the potential of their students to become impact-makers and problem-solvers.

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Big Idea Project is turn-key and at the same time completely customizable to meet the needs of the school. The program is most effective as a stand-alone course. Most choose to offer BIP as an elective for English, business, social studies, ACE or honors programs. Some use BIP as the capstone option for students to meet Colorado graduation requirements.

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Real-world skills & portfolio

Students step into the uncomfortable and fail forward throughout the project. They learn grit, responsibility, critical thinking and even how to reach out to local businesses to pitch an idea. At the end of the semester, they have a real world portfolio to use for future employment or college applications.

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Access to mentors

Each team is given the opportunity to work with a leader and influencer from the community. These mentors or coaches provide guidance, perspective, advice, and connections. Students learn how to take responsibility to drive the relationship and build their professional network.


Stories of impact

At the end of the semester, students create a storytelling video that chronicles their results. The best way to see what students do through Big Idea Project is to watch the videos they create.

‘Project Home’ was a team that wanted to help with the issue of homelessness. Their results (and cinematography) were impressive.

Companies, classrooms, and communities are all essential to the Big Idea Project

Working together

Teamwork makes our mission of transforming students through innovative education possible. Big Idea Project is the catalyst that brings together the three C’s: Classrooms, Companies and the Community.

Problems are better solved together, with students leading the way. As our community grows, everyone wins.