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The impact of your partnership

We know it’s difficult to find the leaders and employees you need. There is a serious leadership gap, and it’s getting wider.

We are empowering, training and equipping your future workforce. Big Idea Project challenges how young leaders think and gives them the soft skills that are critical to their and your success.


Invest in your future leaders

According to a recent Bloomberg study, recruiters need, but cannot find, candidates with the critical skills of leadership, communication, strategic thinking and creative problem solving. Our students learn all of these skills and more.

Your investment in Big Idea Project goes to develop more leaders like Dylan.


“This project is a remarkable call to duty that literally has these students rolling up their sleeves, setting the popular ‘I’ aside and tackling complex humanitarian issues head-on. Through this project, students receive a great lesson in ethos, character and team-building that is not often available through simply gleaning the pages of a standard textbook.”

– Jonathan Lovette, Chick-fil-A

“We evaluate several school-based programs, many of which have been operating much longer than the Big Idea Project, and the Big Idea Project consistently produces the largest gains we see in student outcomes. Using rigorous measures of pre-post change, the Big Idea Project has reliably, over four years of measurement, lead to student growth in skills important for workforce leadership and behavioral health, such as problem solving, teamwork, communication, professionalism, resilience, and confidence.”

– Dr. Beth Mulligan, Principal Corona Insights, Denver, CO

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Our Numbers

In 2020 over 750 students from all types of schools and backgrounds across the Front Range accepted the challenge to solve real world problems outside of their classroom walls. Through the process, students experienced life lessons in character, leadership and responsibility that will stick with them long after they graduate from high school.

750 Students

41 Classrooms

9000 People Impacted

26 Teachers

150 Mentors

$ 50000 in scholarships


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