My student’s teacher said they are doing BIP this semester. What are we in for?


Your teacher is certified and trained to implement Big Idea Project in any class. If your school chooses to offer the Big Idea Project, your student is fortunate to have an opportunity others wish they had.

The Big Idea Project is a service learning program that provides the context, curriculum and real world experience students need to develop workforce ready skills, social emotional competency and leadership experience. Big Idea Project’s program is values-based and focuses on developing the ‘whole child’ by caring for their wellbeing, encouraging their passions and giving students the chance to drive their own learning.

Projects are completely student-led. Teachers provide lessons and coaching that teams need. The project may seem daunting at first, but students rise to the challenge and point back to their work as the pinnacle moment of their high school experience.

The time commitment varies by students and teams. Teachers give students many opportunities to work on their projects in class.