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Why We Exist

We exist to unleash the potential of students


Where it all began…

Like all great (and big) ideas, the Big Idea Project started small. The founders, Tricia and a local high school teacher, embraced and shared the belief in the potential of our next generation to do good, more good than any generation before them.

The teacher knew that leaders are not taught, but made. He knew that no amount of curriculum or traditional classwork would draw out the leadership potential of students. Convinced and driven to make leaders, in 2009, he created the first iteration of Big Idea Project for his students at Columbine High School.

A few years later, Tricia transformed Big Idea Project into a non-profit organization, making the experience available to other schools and students.

The high school teacher’s creative spark, and Tricia’s visionary leadership, made Big Idea Project something that is changing our schools, communities and businesses.


We envision

A nation of schools who empower students to be their best self and engage in work that makes their families, companies and communities better.

We will accomplish our vision by providing exceptional experiential education to schools that connects the head and heart to develop student workforce readiness, leadership, social emotional skills and wellbeing.


Together, in community

We bring together classrooms, companies and local communities under one vision: to develop our nation’s future generous leaders.

Students learn from influencers, mentors and change agents. They work with local organizations to advance worthy causes and learn from business leaders the skills and mindsets needed for future careers. Concurrently, teachers leverage a deeper network of support and collaborative relationships to usher in new levels of innovation in the classroom.

We all win.